Hearing Protection

Our hearing protectors attenuate the uncomfortable noise in the work environment, protecting the user’s hearing health

Head Protection

Our hard hat protect the head against hazards and mechanical impacts, lateral crushing, colli-sions or falling objects.

Hand protection

The hands are exposed to hazards due to external actions. Our gloves protect your hands fully or partially, according to every need.

Eye Protection

Protection from impacts of different intensity, optical radiation, molten metals and hot solids, drops and splashes, dust, gases…

Respiratory Protection

Respiratory Protection Equipment help protect against environmental pollutants reducing their concentration to lower limits of occupational exposure levels.

CANDALAR, arises from the study, the search and selection of a competitive product with the highest quali-ty with a view to meet the demands of today’s market through its own brand.

With a line of products created for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), Candalar launches a catalog which currently boasts a group of selected products for the sector of Safety and Personal Protection, result of industry experience and a careful selection, with its own brand.

Candalar, as a manufacturer and supplier, provides versatility and availability to guarantee the complete satisfaction of any customer through its own brand.


The power of having our own brand

With our own brand we can offer a top quality products and competitive in the world of security.

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"Candalar gives me the security and tranquility we seek to ensure the safety of our workers"

− Mario Sanchez Cifuentes, Health and Safety Coordinator in AFJ PREVENCIÓN

"If I am offered the best product at the best price, there's not much to think about it"

− Félix Jimenez ,Technician in Sacyr's Health and Safety Department

"Beyond the quality and innovation of their products, I was interested in personalized professional advice. It was the determinant to go for Candalar"

− Luis Lafarga Martinez, Health and Safety Officer in CARTAGO INGENIERIA

"Working with Candalar is synonymous with efficiency and safe bet"

− Jean Phlippe Rebillard, Construction Manager in SIGMA (Switzerland)


Personal Protection Equipment